Treasurer, (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter / Chief Security Officer, Alphabit

Dimitris Georgiou

Dimitris started young in computing and this grew into a strong professional interest, leading to years of fullfilling professional experiences on IT, Cybersecurity and Consulting. After shifting his academic path he gained experience employed or working as a contractor on a diverse set of projects for various industries. He is currently CSO and Partner at Alphabit S.A. a boutique Cybersecurity and IT services firm in Athens, Greece mostly working on cybersecurity and digital forensics projects.

Dimitris is a keen lifelong learner, always seeking for the best ways to match business needs with the ever changing technological and regulatory landscape. He respects engineers and entrepreneurs who realize fascinating new possibilities and bring them to the masses. As an entrepreneur himself he welcomes a good challenge, and will take time and effort to successfully meet it.

As member of international associations, he adheres to the ethical standards of the industry and follows the accepted best practices. He speaks and writes on business cybersecurity and children’s safety in cyberspace to spur awareness and boost confidence on the good side of all-things-cyber! He volunteers for good causes.


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