Carlos Valderrama
Keynote Speaker

Carlos Valderrama

President, IoT Cybersecurity Expert Group, UNE

Carlos is a Cybersecurity expert with more than 22 years of experience in Computer Forensics, Incident Response, Malware Analysis and Threat Intelligence for IT and OT environments. Currently he uses his knowledge and experience to make our digital society more resilient. He actively participates in European and global cybersecurity standard development and help institutions and organisations to embed resiliency as part of their strategy.

He started his career as a penetration tester and soon realised his passion laid in Computer Forensics and Incident Response, which led him on his path to become a passionate expert in Cyber Defense and Cybersecurity strategy.

Carlos has worked on large-scale international cyber investigations, participated in responding to attacks from renowned campaigns and cyber criminals, and has created several Cybersecurity and Forensics tools. He has built and participated in improving and modernising several global SOCs for MSSPs and private and public organisations. He is a passionate tutor and he frequently speaks at Cybersecurity conferences, train law enforcement groups in many countries and mentor university and military study programs.